Small Fry


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The kids these days are hand fed mountains of garbage, weather its Ronald McDonald greasing up their desires or billboard models convincing little girls they need to marry a rich man who can buy them fake tits, marketing madness has seduced itself into our subconscious. Do we even know what we really want anymore? In an age where corporate giants reign supreme the satire, ‘Small Fry’, hurls a squishy spitball to the giants ear


All these boys and girls They better watch out
They’re asleep tonight They’re asleep tonight
The cunning thief creeps in their head
The cunning thief slips in their bed x2

These kids are twisted Don’t you know?
Their minds were stolen Long long ago
Consumptive wants Flow through their veins
Fast cars, plush homes, big yachts, gold chains

Greasy franchise keeps the fat man sane
So if your gonna stand in line You best, misbehave
Well fed on the clovers we tread When the mothers be struggling
To pay their children’s bread

Living in just a first world
Left them for dead
I don’t even know

Marketing mischief For docile eyes
The shit their force fed Don’t ask just buy
The 1st percent The greedy got it made
The other 99 monkeys Left to rot in a cage
Greasy franchise Low pay big gains
Sweaty slave shops Keep the first world sane
Monopolize cartel or die
Sure is tough being Such a small fry

Living in just a first world
Left them for dead
Are they even
What else am I really supposed to
Sayyy-aaaa-ayyyy Left them for dead
I don’t even know


released June 2, 2015
Produced by George Carpenter
Mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys)
Tracked Live @ Little Pink
Artwork by David Jonsson @ Positive Mental Radness



all rights reserved


WAXHEAD Byron Bay, Australia

waxhead |hed|
1 Term used to describe a person who engages in surfing culture.
2 Band of long-haired surfer-musician tribesmen impregnating peoples souls with their cosmic vibes!

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